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Making a difference - In the past 30 years, we have been so fortunate to express our commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of others through capturing moments and memorable milestones in our beautiful studio in North Stamford, Connecticut. 


Sharing - Education and supporting local libraries, continuing education, and organizations continues to be one of our important endeavors.  Sharing our knowledge, love and passion of photography and business with others by teaching in Connecticut and New York is a highlight.


The Fall 2022 session is coming to an end with only a couple of more classes scheduled.  We take a little break in December and January to pursue our other interests and visit family and friends near and far but we will be back in the virtual and in-person classrooms in February 2023.


We  are currently planning the classes for Winter/Spring 2023 and the schedule should be posted by the end of December.  We continue to offer our two most popular classes - "iPhone Photography: Using your iPhone Camera to its Full Potential" and "iPhone Editing & Enhancements".  New for 2023 is "Photography Trio: Composition, People and Places" and we are  excited to offer this new class in several locations in February and March.

Happy Holidays,

Dan and Deborah

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"I worked with Deborah to create a website for my art work.  I had a clear idea of what I wanted and showed her some examples.  Well, she quite simply, "nailed it"!!  Talented and wonderful to collaborate with, I highly recommend her services.  So happy with my website, I then had Deborah create some promotional  materials.  Another " win, win". 


Lauren Hunt

Abstract Artist


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