DSLR Camera Features & Settings: Beyond Auto Mode

Thank you for your interest in photography and commitment to learning more about your digital camera. We've put together several different kinds of resources for your review - slideshows, articles, and videos - so please make use of them at your convenience.  

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Session 1

  • Exposure Triangle

  • Aperture Priority

  • Shutter Priority

  • Internal Light Meter


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Articles / Blogs

Practice Exercises


Intro to Shutter Speed by PhotographyTV

During this photo lesson we discuss shutter speed. We explain how shutter speed is a part of the exposure triangle and show you real life examples of the effect that shutter speed has on your photographs.

Intro to Aperture by PhotographyTV

During this photo lesson we discuss aperture. We discuss what aperture is, and how it benefits your photographs. We will show you examples of different aperture settings so that you understand how aperture works.

Aperture Priority Mode - EASIER than Manual Mode by James Lavash

In this video, I show you what aperture priority mode is and how it's sometimes better and easier than manual mode, especially for beginners! We talk about camera settings and how to use exposure compensation, as well as a few other photography tricks. This aperture priority tutorial will help you understand aperture mode vs manual mode and the right way to use aperture priority mode, no matter what the situation!

Shutter Priority Mode by PhotographyTV

During this photo lesson we discuss how to take control of your camera by using Shutter Priority Mode. We will explain what shutter priority mode is, give you some real examples of how to use it, and give you the confidence to start practicing with shutter priority mode on your own. 


Session 2

  • Focus Modes

  • Focus Area Modes

  • Metering Modes




Articles / Blogs


How To Get Perfect Focus On Your Camera Every Time by Mark Hemmings

Watch this photography tutorial to discover how to correctly set focus on your digital camera so you never take a blurry photo again.

Best Metering Modes in Any Situation by Spyros Heniadis

What's the best metering mode to use? I get asked this question ALL THE TIME, so today I'm going to break it down and explain what I think the best metering mode to use is, and how to choose the best metering mode to use no matter what situation you're shooting in!

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Session 3

  • Histogram

  • White Balance

  • Exposure Compensation

  • Calibrating the Dioptor

  • Pop-Up Flash


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Bonus Material

  • Release/Drive Modes

  • Auto Exposure Bracketing

  • HDR Photography

  • Black and White Photography

Additional Resources