2022 Photography Workshops

All courses are taught in coordination with Adult & Continuing Education departments in Fairfield County, Connecticut and Westchester County, New York. 

  • Course details are listed below, including dates and times. 

  • Check department websites for fees and how to register. 

  • Online (Zoom) courses are open to everyone in the U.S. regardless of location.


Rescue, Restore and Revive Old Photos

Learn the basics and how to start to correct and fix your own images, such as removing scratches, cleaning up stains, correcting exposure and color, and repairing and removing details. Basic tools that are available on the most popular photo editing software will be explained, how and when to use them. 


Note, this class includes general information and does not require you to have photo editing software.  It is not a hands-on tutorial.  It is designed for viewing only.

Family Photos in B&W
Vintage Family Portrait

Number of Sessions: 1 (via Zoom)

Length of Session: 1 hour

Fee: Varies by date

Fall 2022 dates

Registration begins late August

Thursday, October 6    7:00 - 8:00 PM (Zoom)

Wednesday, November 16   6:30 - 7:30 PM (Zoom)

Thursday, November 17    6:30 - 7:30 PM (Zoom)

Don't see a location or date that fits your schedule?  Private and semi-private sessions are available via Zoom.

Contact us for more information. 

Additional Workshops

iphone photo editing C.jpg

New for 2022!
Edit & Enhance Photos on your iPhone


People and Places

Transform you images from so-so to awesome! Learn More

Young Photographer

DSLR Camera
Features & Settings: Beyond Auto Mode

Image by Lewis Nguyen

iPhone Photography

Use the full potential of your iPhone to take amazing images.

Learn more

People Walking Through Shrine

The Art of Composition

Learn how composition can improve your photography instantly 

Learn more 


Intro to Photoshop Elements

Learn the basics. Perfect for beginners and those new to photo editing.

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