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Young Photographer


Learn the tools and pro techniques to use your camera beyond automatic and program modes. 


For all digital cameras with interchangeable lenses, dslr and mirrorless models.


Take the mystery out of what all those dials, settings and menu items are on your camera and practice using them.


Topics covered include (but not limited to):

  • exposure and metering modes

  • lighting (natural, ambient,  and flash)

  • aperture and depth of field

  • shutter speeds and motion freeze/blur/pan

  • focusing modes

  • histograms

  • white balance

  • quick fixes when the camera gets it wrong

Bonus material is provided between each session to provide a session recap, supply additional resources, and offer at-home exercises to improve your photography.

Number of Sessions: 3 (In Person)

Duration:  Two hours each session

Fee: Varies

Please bring your fully charged camera, notebook and user manual to each session.

Private and semi-private sessions are available. Contact us for more information.

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Image by JD Gipson

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