NEW for Fall 2021!  In-Person Classes Offered for select courses

Some courses are taught online via Zoom and are open to everyone in the U.S., regardless of the location.

Image by Seth Doyle

New for Fall 2021!
In-Person DSLR Camera

Features & Settings

Take your photography to the next level and off Auto Mode!  

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New for 2021! Intro to Photoshop Elements

Learn the basics. Perfect for beginners and those new to photo editing.

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Old City Architecture_edited.jpg

The Art of Composition

Learn how composition can improve your photography instantly 

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New for 2021!
Advanced Photoshop Elements

Perfect for more advanced photographers and image editing.

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People Walking Through Shrine

People and Places

Transform you images from so-so to awesome! Learn More

Image by Lewis Nguyen

New for 2021!
iPhone Photography

Use the full potential of your iPhone to take amazing images.

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